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Featured Post: Announcing our new web-based client setup tool, Tempo! Case Study: The True Cost of Technology for Montoya & Associates Posted by Meg Murphy

Since partnering with Maxwell, Montoya & Associates, a benefits consulting firm based in Jacksonville, Florida, has realized internal operational efficiencies that help unlock their employees’ productivity and provides a more positive experience for the client.


Previously, Montoya took on much of the manual work that other benefits administration systems require when it comes to managing enrollment and eligibility management. One instance of this was specific to EDI. Monica Ryan, Director of Employee Benefits for the firm along with her team found when implementing clients on other systems, that if clients receive EDI discrepancy reports directly, they often had no idea what they meant, so they would ignore it—causing any errors to be outstanding and continue to affect premium spend and enrollment ongoing.


With Maxwell, it’s different. Maxwell’s EDI Project Manager serves up initial discrepancy reports in an easy-to-understand manner so resolving those discrepancies can be a smoother, faster, and more efficient process. Plus: “For the Marketplace carriers, with whom we get immediate data connectivity, it’s amazing. We don’t have to create or pull a spreadsheet, audit it, send it to the carrier—that saves a lot of time,” said Monica Ryan, Director of Employee Group Benefits. This carries over into other key business metrics as well, according to their Chief Operating Officer, Kent Lightner. “I can maintain a leaner, meaner, more engaged staff if they aren’t spending their time dealing with paper applications, entering direct enrollments on a carrier website, or messing with a bunch of unnecessary spreadsheets. We’ve even invested in setting groups up on medical EDI as well, because it’s more efficient and cost-effective for us to do that,” said Kent. Are you ready to take your agency to the next level?

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