How do you describe your positive company culture?

Client-focused, results-driven, family-oriented, flexible, trustworthy leadership, respect, effective communication, involved in the community, with a focus on health and wellness.

So why is Montoya & Associates such a great place to work?

Quotes from our Staff

“Montoya & Associates as a company can be compared to Jacksonville as a city: a wealth of personality (a daily “hustle and bustle”), but with a family-oriented, and intimate appeal.”

“Employees that really care about each other, family-oriented business.”

“Enjoy the camaraderie and team interaction” “Insurance can be boring at times, but if you get along with the people around you, you can get through anything” “I love working for a company that is so involved with the local community.”

Jacksonville Business JournalJacksonville Business Journal

“It is great to come to work and feel confident that you are working with intelligent and dedicated individuals that share a common goal of putting the client first.”

“I feel valued when I come to work, the owner makes an effort to invest in his employees.”

How does your company promote the health and wellness of employees?

Montoya & Associates formalized a wellness program in 2013. Montoya360 is our firm’s branded lifestyle and wellness program providing a full array of offerings to employees ranging from healthy eating workshops to firm-supported events such as the Seamark Mudder, Running for Dreams Come True 5k, Gate River Run, HEAL Flavor Run, Great PV Paddle, Tour de Cure and many other local events. Members of the staff have developed health challenges and walking clubs to keep each other motivated. Montoya360 also offers employees quarterly massages and employee fun days which involve an afternoon of team building and camaraderie. Montoya & Associates also affords employees several opportunities to get involved in the community through volunteer projects.

will-bikeIt Starts from The Top.

Will Montoya is an avid cyclist and outdoorsman—which was the primary driving factor to creating a wellness program for our employees. Will continually sets the bar high when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle and he is committed to maintaining an award winning wellness program. “What I’ve seen wellness do is complete people’s lives, “ Montoya said when asked about wellness. “So many people are living day to day, working hard for deadlines. Wellness gives them something positive to think about, learn from and help with stress.”

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