Benefits Communications Services

Employee Benefits Communication Services

The manner in which employers communicate benefits information to employees has a major impact on how well benefit programs are understood, utilized and perceived by your employees.  When developing an effective benefits communication program, we take into account that there are now multiple generations in a workforce and they may have different ways they prefer to receive communications.  We will tailor a program that best suits the needs of your employees. Our goal is to deliver a positive and proactive open enrollment experience and we know the benefits communication strategy plays a major role in the success of a program.

Are You Effectively Communicating with Your Employees?

Most workers leave their jobs because of miscommunication about expectations, broken promises or excessive workloads.  At Montoya & Associates, we strive to make sure your employees understand and value the benefits you offer. Check out our blog articles to learn more about how to improve your benefits communication strategies. The goal of open enrollment is to make sure your employees know how to maximize their health care dollars, empower them to take charge of their health care and help them become smart healthcare consumers.

Do your employees know about and understand your benefits package?

Unless your employees are aware of and understand your benefits offerings, they won’t be nearly as effective. Tackle your mounting employee communication concerns with customizable benefits announcements, employee newsletters, and presentations.

Employee Benefits Communication

Are Your Employees Getting The Most From The Benefits Program You Provide?

If you want to retain top talent, your employees need to be educated on the attractive package you offer.  Our team of professionals has the resources to deliver top quality resources—including informational articles, videos, and infographics—you need to effectively communicate with your employees about benefits employee offerings and enhance their open enrollment experience.