Worksite Wellness

There is a way to save money and improve employee wellness at the same time. That’s right. There is a way to drive costs down, productivity up and both management and your employees will love it. What’s the answer? Wellness. Not just any wellness, but effective, easy-to-use wellness that works. Montoya & Associates can help your company find what is right for your employees, it’s level of engagement, and it’s resources for investment in wellness. We help identify the scope, scale, incentives and ROI as well as keep you compliant with current regulations and any upcoming changes. We have a Certified Wellness Program Manager (CWPM) to guide you through each step of the design and implementation phases.

  • Readiness Assessments
  • On-Site Biometric Testing
  • Employee Health Risk Appraisals
  • Health Coaching
  • Disease Management
  • Wellness Planning
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Wellness Committee Support
  • Virtual Environment Platform
  • Social Media
  • Site Activities
  • Incentive Design
  • Wellness News
  • Compliance
  • Sustainability
  • ROI