Enrollment Services

For smooth, streamlined and effective benefit enrollment, we work with you to determine which enrollment options will best meet your business needs.

Types of Benefit Enrollment Services we provide:

One-to-One Enrollment

One of the enrollment methods we can provide are one-to-one enrollments which offer the most employee engagement and best opportunity for decision-making support. To help educate and counsel your employees on their benefit needs, we come to your work site and spend one-to-one time meeting with each employee and enrolling them through our own enrollment technology.

Each employee has the chance to confidentially review his or her current benefits, consider new options, and most importantly, see how their choices will affect their paycheck. We can also capture simple changes, such as an employee’s new address.

Co-Browsing Enrollment

Another option we offer our clients is co-browsing. It is essentially the same as one-to-one enrollments but the enrollment is held over the internet with a benefits counselor on the phone to guide each employee through the process.

Self-Enrollment/Group Meeting

Self- enrollment and group meetings offer alternative options that are available to access employees who work remotely or are not able to meet with a benefit representative. Our pre-enrollment communications can introduce employees to our simple web-based enrollment system and the steps they need to follow.