Innovative Technology Solutions

Your time is valuable and it is our job to let you focus on what your company does best. That’s why we partner with technology companies that offer powerful and innovative technology solutions for web-based enrollment and employee communication systems in the market. Our goal is to streamline your benefits administration and save you time and money—two of the most important things that every company values.

Our value-added tools include:

  • Web Based Enrollments
  • Employee Self Service Portal
  • Employee Communication Tools
  • HR Research Zone
  • Employee Surveys
  • Telephonic Enrollments
  • Personalized Employee Compensation Statements


Through our partnered technology relationship, employees have the ability to enter and update their own benefit information. The software used guides employees, calculates eligibility, and provides personal plan descriptions and provider network listings. After human resource approval, a secure online connection allows all data to be electronically submitted to all carriers.


The self service portal will empower your employees. Your employees will be able to easily access their benefits information and have the ability to review and make changes to their current benefits. This is all done in real-time, which will result in greater accuracy and greater speed.


Plan administrators can communicate news and announcements, reminders or other information to employees through mass email. HR can also post information via an electronic “bulletin board”. This communication tool will help improve awareness of benefits while saving you time and money.


With Montoya’s HR Research Zone, administrators have extensive resources on HR, benefits and compensation—all just a few clicks away.

Your access to HR Research Zone provides you with:

  • Legally dependable HR and benefit information
  • A trusted provider of legal analysis, white papers and analysis on important HR topics
  • Over 10,000 self-help guides, white papers, training material and employee handouts
  • Instant access to an extensive community of HR managers


The Montoya employee benefits survey is designed to capture employees’ attitudes, perceptions and understanding of a company’s benefit package. You can choose to use both stock templates and questions or fully customize the survey with questions specific to your employee group. Surveys can be administered either online or by paper. The results are formulated in full color charts and tables that give you quantitative data about your employees and their perceptions about the benefits that you provide them.

Learn your employees’ perceptions about:

  • Overall benefits package
  • Retirement options
  • Voluntary benefits
  • Wellness initiatives
  • Job environment
  • Work/life issues
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Prescription drug benefits
  • General concerns

Key Features:

  • Customizable questions and answers
  • Web or paper-based
  • Confidential and anonymous
  • Minimal time and effort required by the HR department


If you select the telephonic enrollment as your means for open enrollment, each employee is provided a telephonic enrollment guide with easy-to-follow instructions. This type of enrollment is best suited for companies with employees that are inaccessible, spread out across the country or work shifts that make it difficult to host open enrollment meetings. Telephonic enrollments can be efficient and cost-effective and provide more flexibility for your employees during your open enrollment period. Once the enrollment process is complete, all enrollment information is sent securely to the insurance carriers.


Your employees will easily understand the “real” value of a paycheck. The Employee Compensation Statements show the value of employees’ total compensation packages, including annual earnings and employee benefits.