Millennials in the Workforce: How to Recruit, Retain, and Relate to the Next Generation of Leaders The millennial generation is a powerful force that cannot be ignored. In fact, some projections estimate that millennial workers will comprise 50% of the labor force by 2020 and 75% by 2025. Therefore, firms should be doing everything in.. read more →

Featured Post: Announcing our new web-based client setup tool, Tempo! Case Study: The True Cost of Technology for Montoya & Associates Posted by Meg Murphy Since partnering with Maxwell, Montoya & Associates, a benefits consulting firm based in Jacksonville, Florida, has realized internal operational efficiencies that help unlock their employees’ productivity and provides a more.. read more →

Millennials. The new, technologically savvy, ever growing generation of individuals that have started taking over the work force. The generation that companies strive to impress, to reach out to, to pull in. A millennial is a person born between the years 1980 and 1996. It’s a large group of individuals spanning from the late 20s/early.. read more →

By: Lindsay Marsh For a lot of people, the Affordable Care Act means little more than a raise in premiums– and it’s true, rates went up as much as 20% this year. We can expect them to increase again in 2016. To top it all off, those who don’t pay for health care must pay.. read more →

Legislation recently passed in December bringing great news for owners of 529 Savings Plan account holders.  This legislation allows account holders to change investment options on their existing plan contributions twice per calendar rather than the previous once per year rule. Previously, if an account owner had exhausted his or her once-per-year investment change allowance, the.. read more →