The individual Long Term Care market is changing. Most insurers are moving toward gender based pricing which will increase the cost for most women purchasing new policies. There are a few states that haven’t approved the practice and some are looking to ban it- but the majority of states will see gender pricing. The good.. read more →

The ACA keeps delivering us change after change, delay after delay, and most employers really want to do the right thing for their employees, oftentimes they don’t know how. I consistently see employers reacting to the ACA and unfortunately businesses may not see the direct effects of the ACA until it’s too late. The ACA.. read more →

06 Jan 2014
January 6, 2014

Live Well, Work Well – January 2014

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Winterize Your Skin While many people think of summer as the prime season for skin damage thanks to the risk of overexposure in the hot sun, winter can also be brutal for skin. The dry winter air can cause flaking, cracking and itchy skin as well as chapped lips. Even worse, the problem is exacerbated.. read more →