Paul Van Brunt

Paul Van Brunt
Employee Benefits Compliance Manager
Phone (904) 280-2028 ext. 270
Fax (904) 280-1602
Toll-Free (800)-965-5554

We’re excited to have Paul join us as the Compliance Manager for our Employee Benefits Division as he brings a wealth of knowledge in employee benefits compliance. Paul assists clients and our associates navigate compliance and human resource related issues in the employee benefits field.

Paul began his career in insurance in 1993 as a junior compliance examiner for a major life insurance company based in New York City.  In 1997, he left the insurance industry for the non-profit sector working for a number of faith-based organizations both in New York and in Jacksonville as the administrative officer for a large non-profit in New York and then as the Director of Program and Ministry of the Episcopal Church in North Florida.

In 2009, Paul came back to the financial services field as a financial advisor with a large insurance and investment company and then transitioned to employee benefits and compliance as he served as a senior account manager and compliance specialist for a small local employee benefits agency here in Jacksonville.

He lives in Jacksonville with his wife, an elementary school teacher, and son.  Both he and his son are very active in Cub Scouts.  Paul is also very active in the Episcopal Church, both locally and nationally, and has served on a number of non-profit boards as president, treasurer, and trustee.