Why Choose Us?


Advice is not all the same. We believe not all financial and benefits advice is the same. There are differences in the way advisors and each benefit consultant recommend solutions for their clients and get paid by their clients. We are an independent firm.

What is an Independent firm?

Independent firms are owned by the principals or partners of the firm. We are not employees of a large, “brand name” firm. Because of our independence, we have certain freedoms that an “employee” advisor may not have. For instance, we are under no obligation to represent or use specific financial products, insurance carriers or instruments produced by any particular firm. We provide financial, health solutions and human resource tools to our clients from a broad array of national resources. That means we offer advice based on your specific needs. Advisors who are employed by larger corporate firms may be required to recommend products produced by their firm which may not always be the best fit for their clients.

A Comprehensive Relationship

Our professionals can offer a comprehensive look at your financial affairs. We are relationship oriented not transaction driven. We take the time to understand your vision for your future and that of your family. Once we understand who you are and what your goals are, we look at your whole financial picture to see what steps we need to take to help you achieve those goals. Only then will we make recommendations on investments, insurance, or tax and estate planning. If you are a business owner and need a competitive employee benefits package, the advisors at Montoya & Associates will focus on designing a strategic benefits package that meets your long-term business planning objectives. At Montoya & Associates, we strive to ensure that each piece of your financial strategy is integrated and all aligned with your goals.