National Relaxation Day

Karoshi is a Japanese term for the sudden death of an employee due to overwork. American workers currently log more working hours than our Australian, Canadian and Eastern European counterparts. In our modern world of instant (and constant) communication, increasing demands and a seemingly ever-shrinking number of hours in a day to ‘GET IT ALL DONE.’ 

P&C Pulse

P&C Pulse - August 2018

Getting back into the swing of things for the school year can be a difficult task. After spending the summer playing, staying up late and sleeping in, it can be hard to get yourself and your children back in the swing of things to find the balance in order to sustain productivity and focus throughout the day. Here are some things that you could implement at night to help make the transition into the school year smoother.

HR & Benefits (2)

Benefits & HR Brief - August 2018

It turns out 60 percent of older employees feel discriminated against due to their age, according to a report from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

However, only 3 percent of those employees say they submitted a formal complaint about age discrimination. The EEOC report says this indicates under-reporting of the issue.

Live Well, Work Well (1)

Live Well, Work Well - August 2018

As the temperature climbs, many Americans will flock to the pool to find some relief from the heat. While the cool waters can be refreshing, they could also be contaminated with bacteria that can make you sick. Read on to learn about the three most common illnesses you can catch from spending a day at the pool.


Things You Should Know About Homeowners Insurance

You get insurance for your health, you get insurance for your car, so it only makes sense that you get insurance for your home. Homes are significant investments, and it’s in your best interest to protect your assets in case something terrible happens to or in your home. 

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Benefits of Bundling Business Insurance Policies

Insurance carriers realize that offering additional lines of coverage to an existing customer is less expensive than trying to attract new customers. They also know that the more lines a given customer has, the longer they’re likely to stay with them.


Why You Need Cyber Insurance

We live in a digital age, which means many things on our lives have gone digital. Our address book is now in our smartphone. Our TV Guides are now on the TV screen. Our banks can deposit a check through a mobile application. Our calendars send us reminders for important events and meetings via smartphone, tablet, or computer, meaning they don’t just hang on our walls anymore. 

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13 Reasons Why You Should Get Life Insurance

When you get life insurance, you’re paying for the unexpected, and planning for tomorrow. Any type of insurance can be confusing, especially if you’re not sure if you “need” the insurance. You may have wondered, “Is life insurance worth it?” It is, and as you grow older, you will realize how important and financially responsible having life insurance is. 


Why Your Company Should Be Building a Safety Culture

June is National Safety Month so this is the perfect opportunity to discuss the importance of building a safety culture.  Of course, workplace safety is important to you. But how important is it to your employees? If you don’t know, it may be time to evaluate the safety culture at your business and think about what you can do to improve it.


Disaster Preparedness Tax Holiday

 Today is June 1st which is the start of the Atlantic Hurricane season.  It also happens to be the first day a week-long tax holiday for hurricane preparedness supplies.  So far the Atlantic Hurricane season has been of to an early start with Tropical Storm Alberto.  Although Alberto did not pose much threat other than bringing us a lot of rain, state officials are urging Floridians to get prepared.  

6 Ways to prepare for Hurricane Season

6 Ways to Prepare for the Hurricane Season

The images of last year's hurricanes are still fresh in our minds, but that doesn't change the fact that 2018's hurricane season is here. All three hurricanes that made landfall on U.S. soil in 2017 rank among the top five costliest hurricanes in history. Recent predictions indicate that this year could be just as bad.  


4 Ways Employers Can Help with Mental Health Awareness

More than 1 in 5 Americans have been  diagnosed with a mental disorder at some point in their lives, yet only about half of those individuals receive professional mental health treatment. One major determinant of an individual’s access to mental health care is whether he or she has health insurance that includes mental health benefits.


7 Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress

According to the American Institute of Stress, 80 percent of U.S. workers feel stressed on the job and workplace stress costs about $300 billion in lost productivity annually. Everyone experiences periods of job stress, but extreme periods of prolonged stress can be detrimental to your long-term health. If you are feeling stressed at work, try these seven strategies to help alleviate your stress. 

Watch Out: Here Comes Generation Z

Generation Z is now entering the workforce. The oldest members of Generation Z recently turned 21 and are beginning to enter the workforce. Within the next decade, these numbers will soar and businesses should adapt their recruitment and retainment strategies if they want to attract top candidates. 

6 HR & Employee Benefits Trends to Watch in 2018

Employers are looking every year for more ways to motivate and incentivize employees to create a more productive work environment and increase employee morale overall.  The health insurance landscape is changing rapidly each year so employers should embrace the following employee benefits trends.

Top Cyber Topics to Watch in 2018

In 2017, the WannaCry ransomware attack, Equifax data breach and other large-scale cyber attacks demonstrated the dangers of cyber crimes, and the data stolen from those incidents will continue to endanger businesses and consumers for years. Nearly 60 percent of businesses experienced a data breach in 2017, according to Forrester Research. 

Small Group Transitional Relief Ending Soon!

One of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions that is not being rolled back is the requirement for all small group, fully insured health plans to comply with benefit design and community rating methodology outlined by the ACA. This requirement has been postponed each year and it looks like this is the year that it will not be postponed. 

Top Human Resources Trends To Watch in 2018

HR departments must constantly adapt to new requirements from both internal and external sources. Unexpected factors like new regulations from the White House and additional workplace responsibilities commonly disrupt HR departments. These disruptions can influence HR’s trajectory for the rest of the year.