Employee Benefits

Employee BenefitsWhen it comes to providing employee benefits in today’s corporate world, business and human resources (HR) managers at companies of all sizes are being asked to do more. Those responsible for the management of labor forces need to:

  • Review and analyze their HR Investment
  • Provide employee benefits programs that improve employee satisfaction and promote retention
  • Offer more robust benefits to attract prospective employees
  • Stay ahead of changing regulatory and compliance issues
  • Provide greater support for day-to-day management of employee benefits plans
  • Find ways to save the company money — containing costs, without either reductions to or elimination of benefits

How We Help Employers

The professionals at Montoya & Associates offer a range of assistance with figuring out policy implementation, which can be harder than it sounds. We work with our clients every step of the way to make sure that the benefits policies and protocols that they have in place are fully effective, legal and compliant with applicable federal standards. We offer:

  • Benefits Communication Services
  • Compliance & Regulatory
  • Worksite Wellness
  • Enrollment Services

At Montoya & Associates, we help our clients develop benefits programs that help make a difference for their companies, while also making a difference in the lives of their employees. We provide the benefits solutions, insight, and support that help you create optimal value for your business, and we work with you to design a benefits and communication strategy that can help recruit and retain the best employees possible.

Wellness Services

Benefits Communications Services

Compliance and Regulatory Support

HR Assistance

Employee Benefits Surveys

Wellness Services

Wellness Services


Montoya & Associates can provide all the necessary resources to help you develop a wellness program that can reduce your health care costs. We will assist you in creating a program that suits your employees’ needs while also meeting your financial goals.

We can provide you with several completely customizable options that deliver everything you need to develop and implement a results-driven wellness program, including posters, guides and surveys to help you gauge your return on investment.

Workplace Wellness Guides


The Workplace Wellness guides are comprehensive and cover topics like initiative implementation, health fairs and disease management programs.

Employee Communications


Access a variety of employee-facing flyers, newsletters, posters, challenges, social media posts and guides designed to help employees live a healthier life.

Wellness Programs


Round out your wellness program with stand-alone programs focused on smoking cessation and weight loss. Our program guides are available in both employer- and employee-facing versions.

Get Executive Leadership Support

The most important aspect of a wellness program is making sure you have senior level support. We can help build a case for wellness and encourage leadership to get onboard.

Find Your Wellness Team

You will need a committee of wellness champions to see your plan through. We can help you develop your wellness committee and provide materials to help them build a promote a wellness culture.

Wellness Culture Audit

This is where your wellness team will conduct Employee Interest Surveys, Wellness Environment Survey, Health Risk Assessments and other data that will enhance your wellness program.

Develop Your Operating Plan

An operating plan is important to your business for the following reasons:

  • Links wellness initiatives to company needs and strategic priorities
  • Legitimizes the program, which increases the likelihood of continued resources and support
  • Provides continuity for the program when personnel changes occur
  • Serves as a means to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs

Decide on Program Offerings

What will your program offer? Screenings, newsletters, company challenges, health fairs, workshops, etc… Will you use carrier resources or contract with a third-party vendor. We can help you with materials and ideas along the way.

Achieve a Healthy Company Culture

Maintaining interest in your programs and keeping your healthy employees healthy can be the challenging part. Keeping up with communications and revisiting the different resources available to employees helps build a long-term culture of health and well-being.

Evaluating Plan Success

This is where you see if your hard work has paid off. Are the programs put in place working? Are they impacting your employee’s lives? We will provide tools and consultation on how to find your return on investment.

Benefits Communications Services


Your benefits won’t be nearly as effective if employees don’t understand your offerings. Education and communication is a critical part of having a successful benefits package. Education and communication are important but understanding your workforce demographics is crucial. You may have multiple generations in your workforce but only communicating effectively to one or two generations. That’s where we can help customize a benefits communication plan that is suitable for your organization.

Benefits Communications Services

Employer Resources


Learn more about effective employee communications strategies with a variety of easy-to-read articles and guides. Some of these resources also include implementation guidelines and best practices.

Know Your Benefits Series


Your employees need health care communications that are easy to understand. The Know Your Benefits series provides updates and information on health care changes in simple language.

Wellness Resources


According to a recent study by MetLife, two-thirds of U.S. employees want employer-sponsored wellness programs and materials. Access a variety of employee-facing flyers, newsletters, posters, emails and guides designed to help employees live a healthier life.

Social Media


Are you communicating on social media? Boost the effectiveness of your wellness and benefits communications with sample social media posts on a variety of HR and benefit topics.

Enrollment Tools


Provide your employees with all the tools they need to succeed during open enrollment season, including benefits elections forms, flyers, presentations and emails.

Employee Communications


One key for successful enrollment is effective employee communication. Provide your employees with hundreds of customizable employee communications, including posters, payroll stuffers, flyers and presentations.

Compliance and Regulatory Support

Compliance and Regulatory Support


We offer a dedicated Employee Benefits Compliance Manager resource that will help you stay on track with your compliance obligations and prepare you for a DOL Audit. Our expertise in compliance runs the gamut, from health reform and the dreaded HIPAA to COBRA, ERISA, and FMLA business standards. These programs each have their own jargon and requirements and having a guide through these processes can be a real life-saver in terms of lowering risk. Our resources will help you meet your compliance obligations and keep you up to date on laws and regulations that affect your employee benefits program.

Health Care Reform


Health care reform is a primary concern for employers. We have a vast array of materials on health care reform to make it easy to stay on top of the ever-changing laws associated with health care reform.

Cobra Compliance


Administering the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) is another vital HR responsibility. Access numerous employer- and employee-facing educational pieces, as well as model forms and notices to help you remain compliant.

DOL Compliance


Over the past few years, the Department of Labor (DOL) has ramped up its enforcement of federal laws, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Attorney-created resources can help you learn about DOL compliance obligations and make sure you are following all of the rules.

HIPPA Compliance


We help our clients understand HIPAA laws and stay current with updates, as well as make administration easier with notices and forms.

FMLA Compliance


We have easy-to-understand informational materials and forms you need to administer FMLA within the law.

Regulatory Updates


Keep up to date with regulatory and legislative updates by email and webinar training sessions.

HR Assistance


How do you keep up with all the regulations and trends around employee benefits? How do you make sure your company stays compliant?

With a range of unique human resources tools, Montoya & Associates helps companies stay informed and proactive. We work as a team to support your business where it needs it most and keep everything in tip-top order.

Our human resources interactive knowledge-base means our clients have the benchmark information they need to make decisions on legislative changes, enrollment windows and much more. We also provide HR360 — a comprehensive compliance library where our clients get access to resources to help achieve industry standards. There is a treasure trove of legal expertise in this repository that guides decision-making processes that aim to reduce risk.

HR Assistance
In addition, our HR Hotline helps you gain access to attorneys and HR professionals who can help you in real-time with difficult questions. When you have a tax problem or an injury situation, or some type of emergency that requires disaster planning, get help right away from knowledgeable and authoritative sources.

Beyond all these helpful resources, Montoya & Associates offers HR Toolkits for the full employee cycle, from onboard into retirement, termination or layoffs. Get help with hiring, payroll and much more. Get help updating an employee handbook, and advice with continuing education. The is part of how Montoya & Associates enables clients to meet the tough demands of human resources operations in the digital age.

HR Education


We provide HR workshops for CE credits for a variety of different topics. We also provide monthly HR Brief newsletter and the HR Insights and HR Q&A series to remain educated on the ever-changing rules, regulations and trends in the HR industry.

Employee Handbook


Finding time to write an employee handbook and keep it updated can be difficult. Our clients have access to two versions of a professionally written and attorney-reviewed employee handbook with over 80 sample policies and related forms that you can use to revamp your handbook.

HR Toolkits


We provide clients with comprehensive HR Toolkits that cover things like interviewing, onboarding, and terminating employees. Each guide provides an in-depth overview of specified topics and best practices for implementation.

Benefits Education & Communication


One of the most important jobs for an HR professional is to communicate benefits effectively with employees. Help employees understand your benefits offerings with a variety of customizable articles, presentations, posters and emails.

Employee Benefits Surveys

Employee Benefits Surveys

Remaining competitive in a challenging talent marketplace is difficult but one thing employees value most is being heard. Conducting yearly employee pulse surveys are a great way to learn what benefits are most valued, if there are differences between employees or perhaps your organization is not providing benefits employees are looking for from their employer. We will help you develop and deploy a survey to your employees and provide feedback for improvement.




The employee benefits survey is designed to capture employees’ and clients’ attitudes, perceptions and understanding on a broad range of topics. You can choose from several of our pre-built templates with questions already defined, or you can customize your survey with a large selection of question types.Surveys can be distributed via email invitations or embedded into other applications such as a client website or social media applications like Facebook and Twitter. Survey results can be generated through customized reports in real-time, scheduled to run at pre-determined intervals and exported into multiple file formats.

Learn your employees’ perceptions about:

  • Overall benefits package
  • Retirement options
  • Voluntary benefits
  • Wellness initiatives
  • Job environment
  • Work/life issues
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Prescription drug benefits
  • General concerns

Key Features:

  • Customizable questions and answers
  • Web or paper-based
  • Confidential and anonymous
  • Minimal time and effort required by the HR department