Retirement Plans

An employee retirement plan can help:

  • Recruit and retain valuable employees
  • Bridge the gap between Social Security and retirement income needs, which are estimated to be 85 percent of current income*
  • Reduce tax liability — contributions to employee accounts are tax-deductible from business income

* Source: National Institute on Retirement Security,

If you’re in the driver’s seat, you want to put in place solutions that make sense for your people, to keep talent, without taking too big of a chunk out of your budget. As your advisor, our goal is to provide you the tools and resources that can help you build and maintain a successful plan for your employees. As a decision-maker, it’s important to understand how a successful retirement plan can help benefit you and your employees.

Retirement Plans

The Five Pillars of a Retirement Plan

In general, you need a retirement plan that’s built on a firm foundation – one that is suitable for you and aims to preserve your assets in volatile markets.
These are five pillars upon which a successful retirement plan can be built:

The Plan Fiduciary

Understand the role and responsibilities of a fiduciary.

Plan Design and Compliance

Select the appropriate plan type and design for your employees and help ensure plan compliance.

Selection and Monitoring of Plan Investments

Develop an investment policy statement, select a balanced investment lineup and designate a default investment option for your plan.

Plan Participation and Education

Implement strategies that can help your employees meet their financial retirement goals.

Service, Technology and Day-to-day Administration

Select a provider whose plan administration capability and level of service fits best with your organizational needs.


We help with all types of retirement investment tools, matching the plan to the company. Taking an in-depth look at your business model (and market capitalization, etc.) and the professional profiles of your people, we put together these types of plans:

  • 401(k)
  • 403(b)
  • Defined Benefit Plan
  • Savings Incentive Plan
  • SEP, SIMPLE, Solo(k)
  • Profit Sharing
  • 409A Deferred Compensation

  Most Plan Administrators often worry about whether plan fees and costs are competitive. We can help provide transparent cost analysis. We’ll also answer other common questions like:

  • What does a sound due diligence process look like?
  • Does the plan work efficiently to meet participant goals?
  • Is there an effort to encourage and expand participant enrollment?
  • Is the plan fully ERISA-compliant?

Each plan sponsor has defined goals and objectives for achieving a successful retirement plan for its employees. As your dedicated investment consultants, we will create an ongoing service plan that best suits the needs of your company.

On an ongoing basis, your Retirement Plan Manager will examine your plan design with ideas to improve participation and operational efficiency by utilizing the following process:

  • Vendor Benchmark Analysis
  • Provider Contract Review
  • Plan Conversion Guidance
  • Selection and Monitoring of Plan Investments
  • Plan Participation and Education
    • Custom investment advice
    • On-site enrollment meetings
    • Investment education meetings
  • Service, Technology and Day-to-day Administration
  • Compliance Checklist
  • Quarterly Investment Reviews
  • Annual Plan Reviews

Let us help your company to benefit from a sound, well-structured retirement plan!